Dam at Sweet T Labs

About Me

Tawny is the original Sweet T Labs dam. We had been looking for a pup for a companion for our daughter, and had just been on the fence about getting a dog. When we saw Tawny, we absolutely fell in love! She checked all of our boxes, we drove to pick her up, and the rest is history! She has been the best dog we could've ever asked for. She is polite...she is a protector...she is obedient (most of the she is a wonderful mother! We couldn't have asked for a better dam at Sweet T Labs!

Photos of Tawny

Tawny at 8 Weeks

This was the day after we brought Tawny home. She always was such a playful puppy.
Tawny at 10 Weeks

I think she knew we were trying to get a picture...she posed so nicely here :) She was so sweet!
Tawny at 15 Weeks

Tawny was sleeping soundly on the table, so the kids covered her up and gave her a pillow. ♥
Tawny at 7 Months

"I'm not crazy owner just snapped the picture while I was blinking. Silly humans..."
Tawny at 9 Months

Tawny has always been so gentle with the kiddos. This picture just melts our hearts! ♥
Tawny at 1+ Year

One of Tawny's favorite places to relax is on the cool floor. We always try to get a good photo at these times.
Tawny at 2+ Years

Tawny posing in front of the tree...Tis the Season...and every other love a lab!
Tawny at 3 Years

Tawny has always been a wonderful mother. She always takes such good care of her pups.